Last night,…Jay-Z made a guest appearance on “The Van Jones Show” and he had some serious things to say concerning how things are in America now with the current president. Van Jones asked Jay-Z about how the Presidents carries himself and he stated that President Trump is only doing what they’ve, ((Other Rich/Poor White Folk like him)) done for many years. Since the real issue was never solved…..it grEW!! Now it’s in front of the world so we all can see. As a labeled Black Man, I understand fully what he means. I remember having conversations with different races about RACISM and they didn’t get it. Not sure if it was because they normalized it or they didn’t see it in there immediate surroundings. I just wanted them to know that it existed. Donald Trump being in office definitely highlights that it does. Even some of our white neighbors are seeing what we have been seeing for years. Even the conversation about SEXISM is on the table. Many women are stepping out from the shadows of powerful men to tell their stories. Jay-z..I thank you for stepping up and being the catalyst you are. Where this will takes us…I don’t know….but I’m here for it.


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HEavesdrop is an all male panel discussing relationship issues from a male perspective. Women get to hear how men feel about marriage, dating & more. Women not only listen….they get to  

 ask questions as well. Some wome come with the intent of crushing the men …..but leave with understanding. ((But Wait)) ….This Sunday will be different….4 women have been added to the Panel and it’s about to go down. This will be part 2 of the Venus vs Mars Edition. The ladies added to the panel are very strong minded. There is no disrespectful banter….all love and understanding. Until ……..Uhmmmm…..I will let you see for yourself. This Sunday at GiGi’s Cafe ….address is on the flyer attached. Oh yeah….I’m on the panel ladies….so swing by and support. 

Jay B