If Hillary Clinton had won, we might not have the spotlight on Sexual Harassment and Racism like we do now. I am not a fan of Donald Trump but I do feel he is the reason we are having tough conversations about the treatment of people in this country.  He has also pointed out how corrupted our politicians are. It seems that we really can’t trust anyone. Now…back to Hillary Clinton,….She is currently under the gun about blocking a person who was accused of sexual harassment. Yes….Mrs. Clinton is a woman that was preventing another woman from getting justice.  How crazy is that? That also opens up another question for myself for her…..Was she OK with Bill Clinton cheating? Is their marriage an arrangement for Political Advantage? (Thinks of how she spoke about Monica and other women involved with Mr. Bill) She obviously think lowly of women and that pushes me to think that if she could think lowly of other white women,… thinking lowly of BLACK PEOPLE or any other race would be second nature. Is Trump the Lesser of the two EVILS??? It’s sad to say but Trump might be the Lesser of the two.


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I noticed that it was none at all or a very few things for Men Enpowerment in 2015. In 2016….It is my purpose to change that. As they say…the bad thing about being a Lion is…No one checks on you. They think you are eating and eating good. Most men know how hard it is to survive with the pressures of the world on his shoulders. Trying to be strong when in the inside they are struggling with issues they may have. It could be Marital, Dating, Kids, Financial etc…etc….but Men try to work through issues without addressing them and that causes more problems. We need an Outlet too…We need to speak with other Men who have went through similar things. It is a horrible feeling to think “Only You” are going through that issue. When in actuality, it’s many others like you…..but to know that, you must speak up. I will have the young meet the old, the street meet the collegiate, the married meet the single and others. The idea is to kill the “Grass is Greener” on the other side…and that “Alone” feeling. Kings must help Raise Kings. Are you ready to ‘Put In W.O.R.K.’™®? The acronym W.O.R.K. means, We Only Raise Kings…and we must Put in WORK to do so. Stay tune….as to more information will be given. ((No Age Group))