What is really going on with the Administration?? Pulling out of Syria, can’t get the wall built, Republicans pulling away from their fearless leader, Trump foundation closed, Russian ties are starting to come clearer, Mueller probe is flipping defendants against Trump……etc etc etc. The Etc’s are getting bigger and bigger. I really want this country to do well regardless to who’s in charge…..but this President has lost his mind and Party. I personally don’t think he’s a racist,….I think he’s something worst….and Opportunist!! He’s on who ever supports his agenda side…..like possibly the Russians. I am not sure whats’s going to happen…..but I do know that his kids will have to live with it. #FamilyName


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I was told that …..Vegans/Reformers Do it Better!!! Listen to the Podcast provided and see exactly what they do better. I learned a lot…and you just might also. Leave your questions and comments below….Catch more shows like this on Yopodner.com Radio every Sunday at 4pm…w/ The Temple Radio Show

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