Yes…we will all agree that King James is one of the best Players to ever play the game…..BUT…..this is a team sport. You win the game as a TEAM. Not as an Individual. I am a little bias because I am a Heat fan so I didn’t like his departure….but I’m no idiot either. I would have never left The Heat to go back to a team that it will only be you leading the team. I said to myself……”the only way Lebron can be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan….is to win this Finals”….and that he did not. Better luck next time Bro.



Rachel Dolezal  has taken over the WEB & AIR WAVES. To me, this issue is a non-factor but some are making the most of it. I have learned over the years that this is the time to watch our Politicians and Policies. This is the time that garbage policies are pushed across the table on us. They even notify everyone but if we are distracted on BS,….we will miss it. Let me do my research and see what’s being pushed over on us. Peter Bailey, of Nite Cap, reminded me of this tactic.