It seems as if the Dallas Police Department is turning it’s back on one of their own. Amber Guyger is the officer being discussed. Guyger was fired during a hearing Monday. During her arrest…Guyger engaged in a adverse conduct when she was arrested. ((Meaning…she didn’t go easily)) The officer is being charged with Manslaughter. Very glad they didn’t up the charge because it’s very hard to prove intent.


The Tiger Woods we grew to love is back swinging that club like he just started. Like I expected….his game was off because of off the course issues. I felt like once he gets his mental back…he’ll be fine….and that he is. He closed out today with a 71 and his first Major win in a while.

Welcome Back Tiger!!! We missed you!!!

I know we all think that we can control what goes on around us……and for the most part it’s true…..but there’s a smidge of fuckery that slides in your psyche unannounced. You really have to watch what you read or view daily. It’s pretty much like a commercial that plays over and over again…..and commercials are made to make you think of that brand first when in need of that type of product. Unfortunately that’s the same with drama…when you constantly see it…you will begin to go to that mental reference when a situation arises. Not knowing why you feel the way you feel. Case and point….most of us act like our parents whether we like it or not. You have seen how they handle things over and over so now it’s a part of you. That being said….be careful who you follow…’s more than just entertainment. ((Duwan Foster)) 



It wasn’t permitted for Blacks to read or write back in the Slavery Days. That left the Slave Masters and their families alone to learn. What they learned was all part of the Willie Lynch letters….Link provided below for you to read the Letter. This is what blacks mean by…You destroyed our entire culture….and fed us what you wanted. By the time we were allowed to read…Our culture was long gone, you totally revamped the truth and the Slave Master didn’t know what the truth was either!! So even if we were to meet a Sympathetic Slave Master….he wouldn’t have no truth to tell.   #GameOver (( ))

The Willie Lynch Letter was designed to keep people separated by race, size, age, etc etc. This was supposedly designed for the Slaves….but the Slave Masters didn’t understand that they were a part of the whole plan. They were convinced that they were the Superior Race. Convincing them that,…. would enslave Blacks and others beyond the physical slavery for many years. The things we are seeing now are proof of it.

Now back to the original question ….Why don’t they understand what Blacks are going through?….It’s simple!!  They were mis-informed on purpose to create that separation. The entire education system was designed to keep a group ((actually everyone)) mentally held back. Now that the truth is coming out….it’s hard for most whites to have this conversation. We can even start with the Bible itself….((But I might hurt some feelings))… It’s really hard for the average person to admit they were wrong….so imagine having to admit to a race that we treated you horribly?? We honestly don’t want an apology….we are just trying to warn you that you’re a slave too. Mentally enslaved. Racism is a learned behavior…and it’s stilled being taught. This might force some to hate their Grandparents or whomever teaching the behavior. In fact look up Jane Elliot. She can tell you…and she’s Caucasian. It’s time we talk my White Friends!!  #WakeUp


Notes: Look up…..Willie Lynch Letter & Jane Elliot