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Last night,…Jay-Z made a guest appearance on “The Van Jones Show” and he had some serious things to say concerning how things are in America now with the current president. Van Jones asked Jay-Z about how the Presidents carries himself and he stated that President Trump is only doing what they’ve, ((Other Rich/Poor White Folk like him)) done for many years. Since the real issue was never solved…..it grEW!! Now it’s in front of the world so we all can see. As a labeled Black Man, I understand fully what he means. I remember having conversations with different races about RACISM and they didn’t get it. Not sure if it was because they normalized it or they didn’t see it in there immediate surroundings. I just wanted them to know that it existed. Donald Trump being in office definitely highlights that it does. Even some of our white neighbors are seeing what we have been seeing for years. Even the conversation about SEXISM is on the table. Many women are stepping out from the shadows of powerful men to tell their stories. Jay-z..I thank you for stepping up and being the catalyst you are. Where this will takes us…I don’t know….but I’m here for it.


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If Hillary Clinton had won, we might not have the spotlight on Sexual Harassment and Racism like we do now. I am not a fan of Donald Trump but I do feel he is the reason we are having tough conversations about the treatment of people in this country.  He has also pointed out how corrupted our politicians are. It seems that we really can’t trust anyone. Now…back to Hillary Clinton,….She is currently under the gun about blocking a person who was accused of sexual harassment. Yes….Mrs. Clinton is a woman that was preventing another woman from getting justice.  How crazy is that? That also opens up another question for myself for her…..Was she OK with Bill Clinton cheating? Is their marriage an arrangement for Political Advantage? (Thinks of how she spoke about Monica and other women involved with Mr. Bill) She obviously think lowly of women and that pushes me to think that if she could think lowly of other white women,… thinking lowly of BLACK PEOPLE or any other race would be second nature. Is Trump the Lesser of the two EVILS??? It’s sad to say but Trump might be the Lesser of the two.


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Well look what we have here….the people who Monique claimed blacked balled her are  very good friends with Harvey Weinstein. The very guy who can end or excel anyone’s career in Hollywood. Pending on if he can have his way with you or not. Being that most people who hang around each other have a GROUP THINK ((That’s when that group pretty much thinks alike/ideals)) I’m sure they think in the same realm. Do what I want or you’re out of here. They may not wanted her for sex but i’m sure they wanted her to OBEY and SIT like a good girl. She said she was WHITE-BALLED by some Black MF’s who had no balls. I’m assuming that this was the WHITE-BALLS she was referring to…Harvey Weinstein. Making any sense to you now??? I can’t fully confirm any of this but I am pretty sure this all went down VERY CLOSE to it. The one thing about the internet…it retains information. I’m expecting something from Monique very soon.


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Sounds crazy right!?? It’s very true though. Most Caribbean do not consider themselves Black…..they refer to their nationality before anything. In which that’s how it should be. When she’s criticized about how she makes Black people look…she can care less because her nationality remains unstained. If the show was labeled as a Haitian Show…this Show would be pulled so fast. Do you agree???