What’s good folks? How are you? …..I’m hoping good…. as am I. Yes we are off into another year and I have made the vow to make my business a priority. Not that I didn’t before…but just making a more conscious effort than the year before. I got comfortable and thought the machine can run on its own …..and boy was I wrong. Even though nothing went majorly wrong….I just figure out that I could have been further along in my journey to financial freedom. So if you’re reading this…and you have a business….treat your business the same way you did when you first started it. Stay in your feelings. The day you stop is the day money make decisions and not you. Stay focused….and the money will come. 


Lately…It seems as if people are giving props after the fact. The Latest of the Fallen Heros…is Muhammad Ali. This great boxer was a beast inside the ring…., but it’s what he did outside the ring that made him special. He made millions of dollars and could have been content with doing for himself and his family….but that wasn’t the case. He wanted  more for people in general. He fought for justice and peace. Peace…as in NO WAR!!! Since America is known for war…..he bumped heads with the Government. I am writing this piece to say Thank You to Muhammad Ali …and also to remind you and I to give thanks to the greats before they die. They deserve that!!! Let’s stop being REACTIVE and let’s start being PROACTIVE.

Rest is Peace King!! We Love you…


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