As if a storyline couldn’t get anymore crazier….it did. The Head Hancho is in town and Ghost has War on all Sides. Kanan knows the game very well and he taught Ghost and Tommy everything they know so the Chess Match is on to gain power. I thought I knew what was going to happen….but I was very wrong. Sean is a DUCK!!!! Lol…..What are your thoughts? ((Thoughts….not THOTS!! Lol)) 

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For the life of me…I could not figure out where I knew Tasha from. I kept saying to myself…I know her from somewhere. Did we date??? Nah..LOL…and then a friend of mine finally let me in on the secret. She’s from ‘3LW‘….The Group. I was a fan of their music…for the time that it lasted and now I am a fan of her acting skills. I applaud the casting director for taking a risk with most of these actors. Most directors try to get all well known actors…..but as you see on this show….FRESH MEAT that’s giving off FRESH HEAT!!


If you pay attention….Sean Knows Everything but says nothing. Plus he scored points with the Brains of the Business…..Tasha!!! But can he handle the Job if he gets it. Tasha reminds me of the Book: The Coldest Winter Ever and Sean is Midnight  ((the Character)) …..I may be tripping but I can see Sean running things. What do you think??


By me having Comcast service….one of the perks is: you can watch all of your favorite TV shows on your hand held devices such as your Smartphone. I noticed that early Saturday morning, the new episode is available to watch. This Saturday morning…I checked and nothing was there. Totally forgetting that it’s the 4th of July….it’s a major holiday. All day I checked….and still nothing. So I decided I will watch it with the rest of the Power Crack Heads at 9pm……and still nothing. Someone informed me that it will not be on and I have to wait until next week. It felt like having a girl come over but her period is on!!!! 👀…..and its 3am???? Lol ……Now I am really ready for the Weekend  to get here.