Boy oh boy, tonight was amazing. We spit some knowledge with QuickThePoetDeon Pompano Louis, Tea 🍵 time with Toya Latoya Cook and DJ Chase DaChef!!! One of my most serious shows but also much needed. Thanks Yopodner.com for sitting in for Comedian OcTwofunny Harris. You the man brother! ✊🏾 Lastly, thanks Cocoa Brown for calling in and being hilarious and serious at the same time. I’ll see you this Sunday at Mitch Isley “Valentine’s Day Edition” Comedy Show! 😂 #MitchIsleyExperience #LoveAndLoyaltyEntertainment#Comedy #Funny #Hilarious #InternetRadio #RAndB #Poetry #Poets#SpokenWord #YoPodner #Rap #Floetry

What’s good folks? How are you? …..I’m hoping good…. as am I. Yes we are off into another year and I have made the vow to make my business a priority. Not that I didn’t before…but just making a more conscious effort than the year before. I got comfortable and thought the machine can run on its own …..and boy was I wrong. Even though nothing went majorly wrong….I just figure out that I could have been further along in my journey to financial freedom. So if you’re reading this…and you have a business….treat your business the same way you did when you first started it. Stay in your feelings. The day you stop is the day money make decisions and not you. Stay focused….and the money will come. 



The White Panthers were a far-left, anti-racist, white American political collective founded in 1968 by Pun Plamondon, Leni Sinclair, and John Sinclair.[1] It was started in response to an interview where Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, was asked what white people could do to support the Black Panthers. Newton replied that they could form a White Panther Party. The counterculture era group took the name and dedicated its energies to “cultural revolution.” Sinclair[which?] made every effort to ensure that the White Panthers were not mistaken for a white supremacist group, responding to such claims with “quite the contrary.” The party worked with many ethnic minority rights groups in the Rainbow Coalition.

((Credit: Wikipedia))