Last night,…Jay-Z made a guest appearance on “The Van Jones Show” and he had some serious things to say concerning how things are in America now with the current president. Van Jones asked Jay-Z about how the Presidents carries himself and he stated that President Trump is only doing what they’ve, ((Other Rich/Poor White Folk like him)) done for many years. Since the real issue was never solved…..it grEW!! Now it’s in front of the world so we all can see. As a labeled Black Man, I understand fully what he means. I remember having conversations with different races about RACISM and they didn’t get it. Not sure if it was because they normalized it or they didn’t see it in there immediate surroundings. I just wanted them to know that it existed. Donald Trump being in office definitely highlights that it does. Even some of our white neighbors are seeing what we have been seeing for years. Even the conversation about SEXISM is on the table. Many women are stepping out from the shadows of powerful men to tell their stories. Jay-z..I thank you for stepping up and being the catalyst you are. Where this will takes us…I don’t know….but I’m here for it.


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What’s good folks? How are you? …..I’m hoping good…. as am I. Yes we are off into another year and I have made the vow to make my business a priority. Not that I didn’t before…but just making a more conscious effort than the year before. I got comfortable and thought the machine can run on its own …..and boy was I wrong. Even though nothing went majorly wrong….I just figure out that I could have been further along in my journey to financial freedom. So if you’re reading this…and you have a business….treat your business the same way you did when you first started it. Stay in your feelings. The day you stop is the day money make decisions and not you. Stay focused….and the money will come. 



So…..I decided to go check out the new movie release of ‘Barbershop…The Next Cut’…..and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I went to i-Pic in Boca and was pleasantly surprised that it was predominantly white folks checking out the movie. The cast was star studded and is highlighting the new era of Black Hollywood. ((As you can see in the pic)) It was plenty of messages in this movie…from infidelity, 3somes, gang banging, the life of a small business owner etc etc. You will love this movie….like I did. Get back to me with your reviews so i can post them on here.



If America doesn’t start treating its citizens fairly…they will turn to others to help them get the treatment they want. In the news …..A white group  of militia men ((Domestic Terrorist)) took over a Federal Building in Oregon. The reason why they took over the building is somewhat unclear to me but from what I read…..it’s like they are punishing people twice for the same incident. Obviously they are fed up. When people are tired and fed up with something….they are ready to fight. They are ready to do whatever it takes to get things done right. So it seems that Whites are feeling on edge …..like Blacks…..or have they been holding it in? We will see.

As my title stated….”This is What I am Afraid of”. I am Afraid that ISIS might approach groups like this to further support their agenda. While this group is mad….they will not think logically. They will think emotionally and accept any help they can get to prove a point. This is the window the enemy looks for. The window that America is providing. Sleeper cells will not LOOK like MUSLIM EXTREMIST anymore. They will look like your Home Grown Americans named Bill or James. Wake up America….your creating a trap for yourself.



I was hosting this event at GiGi’s Music Cafe called The Lip Sync Battle ….and one of the participants of the battle was Alecia Unique. She performed every time we had an event and brings her family along to join her. From that I knew she had a great spirit….but little did I know…great spirit is an understatement. Got to know her more and this is what I found out.

Alecia has resided in Miami, Florida for over twenty five years after migrating from Jamaica at a very young age. She holds an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting, a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration and currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. Alecia is both a model and actress who has already graced the stages of numerous fashion shows and has been featured in various magazines, commercials and is also an experienced stand-in/body double for athletes such as Serena Williams and Alysson Felix. 
As a former foster child who grew up in the “system” until aging out at eighteen years old, Alecia has first hand knowledge of what it’s like for youth growing up in foster care. After participating in various charitable events, she created Sadie’s Daughter, Inc. to give back by connecting youth with positive members of their community, provide support, promote youth self-esteem and introduce them to things outside of their current living situation. She works closely with at-risk youth in the Miami-Dade county community.

So as you can see….She is God’s Response to a lot of kid’s prayers. Help!!! In many forms. For more info on this help…..She will be live on air with me January 5th at 9:30pm on Yopodner.com Radio to give more details as to how she got to the place she is now. See you guys soon!!!