What is really going on with the Administration?? Pulling out of Syria, can’t get the wall built, Republicans pulling away from their fearless leader, Trump foundation closed, Russian ties are starting to come clearer, Mueller probe is flipping defendants against Trump……etc etc etc. The Etc’s are getting bigger and bigger. I really want this country to do well regardless to who’s in charge…..but this President has lost his mind and Party. I personally don’t think he’s a racist,….I think he’s something worst….and Opportunist!! He’s on who ever supports his agenda side…..like possibly the Russians. I am not sure whats’s going to happen…..but I do know that his kids will have to live with it. #FamilyName


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It seems as if the Dallas Police Department is turning it’s back on one of their own. Amber Guyger is the officer being discussed. Guyger was fired during a hearing Monday. During her arrest…Guyger engaged in a adverse conduct when she was arrested. ((Meaning…she didn’t go easily)) The officer is being charged with Manslaughter. Very glad they didn’t up the charge because it’s very hard to prove intent.


The Tiger Woods we grew to love is back swinging that club like he just started. Like I expected….his game was off because of off the course issues. I felt like once he gets his mental back…he’ll be fine….and that he is. He closed out today with a 71 and his first Major win in a while.

Welcome Back Tiger!!! We missed you!!!


Boy oh boy, tonight was amazing. We spit some knowledge with QuickThePoetDeon Pompano Louis, Tea 🍵 time with Toya Latoya Cook and DJ Chase DaChef!!! One of my most serious shows but also much needed. Thanks Yopodner.com for sitting in for Comedian OcTwofunny Harris. You the man brother! ✊🏾 Lastly, thanks Cocoa Brown for calling in and being hilarious and serious at the same time. I’ll see you this Sunday at Mitch Isley “Valentine’s Day Edition” Comedy Show! 😂 #MitchIsleyExperience #LoveAndLoyaltyEntertainment#Comedy #Funny #Hilarious #InternetRadio #RAndB #Poetry #Poets#SpokenWord #YoPodner #Rap #Floetry


Last night,…Jay-Z made a guest appearance on “The Van Jones Show” and he had some serious things to say concerning how things are in America now with the current president. Van Jones asked Jay-Z about how the Presidents carries himself and he stated that President Trump is only doing what they’ve, ((Other Rich/Poor White Folk like him)) done for many years. Since the real issue was never solved…..it grEW!! Now it’s in front of the world so we all can see. As a labeled Black Man, I understand fully what he means. I remember having conversations with different races about RACISM and they didn’t get it. Not sure if it was because they normalized it or they didn’t see it in there immediate surroundings. I just wanted them to know that it existed. Donald Trump being in office definitely highlights that it does. Even some of our white neighbors are seeing what we have been seeing for years. Even the conversation about SEXISM is on the table. Many women are stepping out from the shadows of powerful men to tell their stories. Jay-z..I thank you for stepping up and being the catalyst you are. Where this will takes us…I don’t know….but I’m here for it.


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Republicans lost BADLY!! As The Donald would say….((slight smirk))  It seems as if the NE part of North America is fed up with The Donald…aka #45. The polls reflected that sentiment exactly. Polls listed below. Congrats DEMS…..Keep it going. Now….Let’s really make America Great Again!!!

New York:

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de blasioincumbent

New Jersey:

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