Pompano StandπŸŽ™Up Live

Comedy Show…..#Review


Was invited out to enjoy a comedy show at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center ((New building)) 50 West Atlantic Blvd in Pompano Beach. The Auditorium was real nice. A lot of space but yet still intimate enough to where you felt comfortable yet cozy.

πŸŽ™ πŸŽ™πŸŽ™πŸŽ™πŸŽ™πŸŽ™

Coming out swinging the bat as the host was Rickey Smiley. He makes you laugh without saying much. He definitely filled the gaps in between acts. He brought out 4 great comedians, Chea Butter, Komedian Kermit, Pam Bruno @ Chris Priester The Teacher. I enjoyed every moment of this show and especially enjoyed not having to drive far to get home like you normally would coming from South Beach or Coconut Grove. Yes…right here in the heart of Pompano.


The heart of this event was put together by a good friend of mine ((and her team)) that hails from Pompano… Sharonda Eccentrich Richardson. She vowed to bring more shows like this close to home for us. Stayed tuned for more to come!!!

Rated: πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

((Out of 5 πŸ”₯))