Monique may have been right about Oprah, Daniels and Perry….???

Well look what we have here….the people who Monique claimed blacked balled her are  very good friends with Harvey Weinstein. The very guy who can end or excel anyone’s career in Hollywood. Pending on if he can have his way with you or not. Being that most people who hang around each other have a GROUP THINK ((That’s when that group pretty much thinks alike/ideals)) I’m sure they think in the same realm. Do what I want or you’re out of here. They may not wanted her for sex but i’m sure they wanted her to OBEY and SIT like a good girl. She said she was WHITE-BALLED by some Black MF’s who had no balls. I’m assuming that this was the WHITE-BALLS she was referring to…Harvey Weinstein. Making any sense to you now??? I can’t fully confirm any of this but I am pretty sure this all went down VERY CLOSE to it. The one thing about the internet…it retains information. I’m expecting something from Monique very soon.


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