If America doesn’t start treating its citizens fairly…they will turn to others to help them get the treatment they want. In the news …..A white group  of militia men ((Domestic Terrorist)) took over a Federal Building in Oregon. The reason why they took over the building is somewhat unclear to me but from what I read…..it’s like they are punishing people twice for the same incident. Obviously they are fed up. When people are tired and fed up with something….they are ready to fight. They are ready to do whatever it takes to get things done right. So it seems that Whites are feeling on edge …..like Blacks…..or have they been holding it in? We will see.

As my title stated….”This is What I am Afraid of”. I am Afraid that ISIS might approach groups like this to further support their agenda. While this group is mad….they will not think logically. They will think emotionally and accept any help they can get to prove a point. This is the window the enemy looks for. The window that America is providing. Sleeper cells will not LOOK like MUSLIM EXTREMIST anymore. They will look like your Home Grown Americans named Bill or James. Wake up America….your creating a trap for yourself.