I hear it all the time…..”Why are you single?” “What’s wrong with you?” “You just like being single don’t you?” …..and no matter what answer I give…they already have a preconceived answer in their mind. Actually…I hate being single….but I also would hate being stuck with the wrong person forever. Most of the guys I know that are single as well…hate it. We actually take marriage very seriously….and want it to be with the right person and not with the right situation!!

Now to my ladies….why do you think guys love being single? Is it because of options? Well since I am a man…..let me be the first to tell you… there are not that many options to marry. There are plenty of options to just have sex with….but to marry?!?!?…. is a different story.

Men have had this convo over and over in many barbershops about how women just want to be married….and not in love. We can see you a mile away if your biological clock is ticking …..and you have a DEADLINE to meet. We would rather be single than used for a deadline. ((Is this hurting a bit?)) I think it would hurt more if we were married having this convo. Men want LOVE just like the women do. Unless…..you’re mad at him and he proposed just to make you happy while mumbling…”It was the right thing to do”.

Talk to me…..what are you comments???