Granted….Lamar has had his share of issues in life…..but his issues was connected to drugs. For must of us…we know of someone that has this downfall. We also know how tough it is to shake. Addiction is not something easy to beat. On top of depression of how this world treats you …..this was the Demon he fought. God has a plan for my King….Let Go!!! 

Now that’s out of the way…..Let me take a swing at Media Take Out….They posted a pic of Lamar Odom and his X wife/ Wife Kholoe and stating how she stands to claim all of his riches once he passes. The man has not gone to the other side yet and this is your concern?? Why would you post that? The Media we have today are destroying us….and don’t care about it either. There are certain groups behind it and eventually you will be exposed. Keep it up! Fuck Media Take Out and all you other scum collectors. I’m fed up.