If you haven’t heard….Apple is into the Music Game heavy. This power move will put a hault to Jay-Z’s push toward music freedom. So in a nutshell…((Especially with me Dj-ing from time to time)) this helps Djs with their music selections as far as availability. Sometimes you just don’t have that song….if you have a Mac….in which most Djs do…this will simplify a lot of thing for you. For $9.99 a month….you get access to the entire Apple music catalog. You can’t beat it…..New songs and old!!! Yowsa!!!!!


I will not go as far as to say he was like a father figure to me, but he was a large part of my education about who we were as a people and where we come from. The Allegations are tearing this country apart. I am tagged in many post concerning him now because I went into defense for him based off of what was presented. I still to this day say that it is not what it seems. That’s just my opinion. Plus…….in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty……Unless you’re Bill Cosby. If Cosby did any of the things he is accused of….he deserves everything that he is getting, BUT………the only thing they have is him admitting to given females drugs with the intent to have sex with them. If I am not mistaken…..Crackheads did the same thing. Sold their bodies for drugs/money. At the most….I think Bill Cosby is a John…..not a Rapist!! Bill admitted to this to make this ordeal go away so it didn’t hurt his family. ((Once again in my opinion from the things I have read)) I do not…..I repeat….I do not condone rape and I also don’t condone falsely accusing someone of such things. Bill please speak up my brother!!!  Please!!!