For the life of me…I could not figure out where I knew Tasha from. I kept saying to myself…I know her from somewhere. Did we date??? Nah..LOL…and then a friend of mine finally let me in on the secret. She’s from ‘3LW‘….The Group. I was a fan of their music…for the time that it lasted and now I am a fan of her acting skills. I applaud the casting director for taking a risk with most of these actors. Most directors try to get all well known actors…..but as you see on this show….FRESH MEAT that’s giving off FRESH HEAT!!


I remember watching his video way back when ….like in 2010 of this dude named Ridiculous Rowe. The video was called ‘Back on the Road’…..and at that moment….dude was way beyond his time. I thought his video was dope …….well really it was this model I was digging that turned me on to it….lol but that’s important now. Lol….Back to the matter at hand….This dude ended up calling me to do an event at my spot….and I expressed how it would be an honor to have it at Studio 5 Ten….We both agreed to the terms and it was on. Last night was that event and I must say….He commands his crowd and they love him. I was amazed and in awe. If you had not by now…..check him out…Ridiculous Rowe. Peace



If you pay attention….Sean Knows Everything but says nothing. Plus he scored points with the Brains of the Business…..Tasha!!! But can he handle the Job if he gets it. Tasha reminds me of the Book: The Coldest Winter Ever and Sean is Midnight  ((the Character)) …..I may be tripping but I can see Sean running things. What do you think??


Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month…We have this event called “Talent 2uesday”. This event allows unsigned Artist to perform their music in front of a LIVE audience and ON AIR. This is a promotional package to help enhance dreams. Last nights Artist….Alexander Star showed us that he has what it takes to make it. GEAT JOB!!! Looking forward to seeing you grow!!! 



Most companies that we call for help… will probably get someone from overseas. These jobs are normally Contracted out to some company that doesn’t really care about the actual brand they are representing. Now the jobs in question that I’m talking about…..would you really want to do that??? Most of us Americans are educated now and think we are above certain levels of work. Even in America…..I hear a lot of talk of Illegal Aliens taking jobs from them…. ((Or Foreigners)) ….but the job that person has….they wouldn’t want to do it based off their self installed pride. Can you name a job they sent overseas that you would want to do? ((I’ll wait)) I do understand the fact of just having an option …..but you wouldn’t choose that option cause you’re high and mighty now!!! #TalkToMe 



Everyone will not understand your dream. Those that do….still don’t understand the full details…..and that’s ok. This is when ME TIME kicks in. The reality is….you have to accept being alone sometimes. Being alone is not a bad thing….because you can have a meeting with self and fully understand where you need to go. All the members of your team agree….”Me, Myself and I”. So in the world of Success….Alone time is necessary and paramount. 

Live, Love & Laughter