I get scared after every episode goes off. I semi panic because the episodes are so good that…they might disappoint me on the next one…..but it hasn’t happened yet. ((Knock on Wood)) This episode hit me right in the face. This show is not predictable at all. People are being knocked off in no particular order. At least on the Sapranos….you knew who had to go. This show ….seems to bend the odds. ((Wipes forehead)) Until Next Week. 


I was surfing the Gram and….kept seeing certain stars on this 2 wheel gadget. So today I decided to do more research and I found out what it is. It’s The PhunKeeDuck. www.PhunKeeDuck.com …Sobif you’re looking for a great Fathers Day gift…this is it…((Cough Cough Rashod)) So go to the website and check it out. 


I remember when I was in Psychology class going for my Bachelors and we were going over Group Think. That’s when a group of people think the same way. When someone thinks other than the majority…..they are ousted. Race is suppose to identify that but if you think about it…..that’s profiling. So in this day and time…. Race is not a color anymore….Race is an Ideology that might changed based on income and social status. What do you think??


This issue of BPM ((Black Positive Men)) Report highlights Anthony Malcom. ((Aplause)) I have the honor of working with such a great person at my Radio Staion, Yopodner.com. I didn’t really know too much about him when we first met…..but within days……I knew a lot about him. His passion towards his community, family and friends drives others around him to do the same. His energy is infectious….and if you don’t want any help….Don’t be his friend.  

This young man has created a radio talk show called The Voice on Yopodner.com Radio on Wednesday nights from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. On this show, he brings politicians, to police officers, to artist ((of all generes)) to the Average street hero. He gets the guest of the show involved in discussions that pulls the human side of them out. Therefore letting the listening audience see that we are very much alike and different. If you haven’t tuned in before…..you should. 

Ladies and Gentlemen….Do me a favor and show appreciation and love to Anthony Malcom….This issue of BPM Report Hero!!! 


Yes…we will all agree that King James is one of the best Players to ever play the game…..BUT…..this is a team sport. You win the game as a TEAM. Not as an Individual. I am a little bias because I am a Heat fan so I didn’t like his departure….but I’m no idiot either. I would have never left The Heat to go back to a team that it will only be you leading the team. I said to myself……”the only way Lebron can be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan….is to win this Finals”….and that he did not. Better luck next time Bro.