Welven The Great…..I’m Afraid!!!

Here is what I am afraid of when it comes to Welven and others that I believe are being taken advantage of. It’s seen to me that some stars are using people like Welven as entertainment. They are bringing them around to all the concerts, clubs, events etc etc …..But….what will happen to Welven when the lights stop flashing on him? Will he be able to mentally handle that rejection? That feeling that most of us have when we don’t get our way. Is this more harmful than helpful? I’m afraid that it is. He was not use to this type of lifestyle and now you’ve made him a star overnight …….and like I’ve said before….what is going to happen to him when the lights dim? Even the greatest of stars have a pinch of depression when they feel that the love is not the same from the fans. I’m hoping that there is a program for him afterward.  ((Disclaimer: Not saying that Fat Joe is….this is just the pic I chose to use))