HEavesdrop….what is it???

HEavesdrop is an all male panel discussing relationship issues from a male perspective. Women get to hear how men feel about marriage, dating & more. Women not only listen….they get to  

 ask questions as well. Some wome come with the intent of crushing the men …..but leave with understanding. ((But Wait)) ….This Sunday will be different….4 women have been added to the Panel and it’s about to go down. This will be part 2 of the Venus vs Mars Edition. The ladies added to the panel are very strong minded. There is no disrespectful banter….all love and understanding. Until ……..Uhmmmm…..I will let you see for yourself. This Sunday at GiGi’s Cafe ….address is on the flyer attached. Oh yeah….I’m on the panel ladies….so swing by and support. 

Jay B