This Country Makes You Choose A Side…Why are you a Dem/Rep???

in this country….people wonder why Racism, Sexism, Homophobia ((etc etc)) all still exist in a place where you can be what you want to be without Judgement!!! If you look at our history of how this country makes you choose a side….that should give you an idea of why it exist. There is no walking the fence in America…’s either you are in or you’re out. 

Let’s take political parties for example. Why must we choose to be a Republican or Democrat? ((Or Independent for some)) Why can’t we just simply choose the best person to lead us? On either side, ….you’re stuck with ideals you really don’t fully agree with ….but you do it just because. A person who I might not fully agree with may get my vote ONLY BECAUSE I DON’T want the other side to win. Sad isn’t it?….but it’s true. We are loyal to things that are not loyal to us regardless to Race or Creed. 

Now that I have your attention…..Why are you in the political party that you’re affiliated with now?