I’m not quite sure how to handle LaLa showing her body on camera because I’m thinking as if she was my wife like Carmello is. I know Carmello has to be understanding but…..that scene was a lil bit much. I’m not a jealous person at all but to see my wife naked with another man may take me over the top. Acting or not. Plus the whole world now knows what my babes titties look like. Insane!!!! Great scene from the perspective of a fan of the show….but the reality is…..she’s naked with another man while she’s married. Fellas….would you be able to watch your wife in a sex scene if she was an actress? 


I was at the gym working out and this dude I didn’t know just spoke while walking by……and I thought it was weird at first until I thought about it. What’s wrong with just speaking to others? Have we as men gotten so tough that we can’t speak to each other unless we know each other? Why is that? We might be missing out on a great connect by not simply speaking……we have to do better. Kings and Queens know better.